Thief (1981)

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  • Violent Streets Alternative

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Crime, thriller. Following an 11 year stretch in Joliet State Penitentiary, Frank is back on the street cashing on the wisdom and skills given ot him in prison by master thief Okla. Known as a highline thief, cash rich and becoming a 'captain of industry' through investments, Frank is fiercely committed to putting together his life. Following the breakup of his marriage, he takes up with Jessie and tells her that he is a professional thief. When one of his contact is murdered before Frank receives payment on his last score, he confronts Attaglia, a minor crime boss who has ripped him off. This leads to a meeting with Leo, heart of a highly organised theft gang. Leo proposes an affliation whereby Frank will pull off the scores set up by the organisation. The deal is made and Frank and Jessie set up house together with Frank's child. A major job is proposed by Leo, the stealing of gems worthy four million dollars. Frank assigns Barry to work on the electronics and Grossman begins to develop a method to cut into the vault. The operation is a success but when is time to cash the payoff, Leo has Barry killed. Frank takes his revenge, while protecting Jessie and his family.

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