Anastasia (1956)

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Period drama. Story of a gang of White Russians who engage in a race with agents of the Kremlin to find a legal heir to the late Russian Czar's fortune.

The following statement regarding the story appears after the opening credits: 'In 1917, the Romanov dynasty - rulers of Imperial Russia - were overthrown by revolution. Some of the nobility and their followers fled to safety but the Tsar, his wife and children were imprisoned and then shot, in 1918. Shortly after, there were strange whispers that one of the family had escaped and was still alive. In the weeks, months, years that followed, the whispers grew louder and louder. And then a woman appeared, a woman who was said to be the younger daughter of the last Tsar, her Imperial Highness, the Grand Duchess Anastasia. Only she, if she is still alive, knows the truth behind the story you are about to see.'

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