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  • GERMANY, PALE MOTHER Alternative


Drama. Germany, 1939. Hitler prepares the war. The love story of Hans and Lene, two very average, politically uninterested young Germans ends up in marriage. Immediately after the first days of their honeymoon, Hans is sent to Poland and the II World War begins. Lene stays alone, gets her child and survives in the ruins of the German cities. She learns to use her own skills to fight her and her child's way through the chaos or the war. When Hans comes back after the war, she becomes aware that everything she has learnt in the meantime is useless now and that she has to get back to the traditional female role. The reconstruction of Germany runs parallel to the destruction of the small family. Lene gets ill and worn out. It is her child that saves her from suicide. She survives. It is 1950 now.

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