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  • Doctor's Dilemma

    Doctor's Dilemma

    This short and simple public information trailer, shown in cinemas in the lead-up to the inauguration of the National Health Service, gives guidance on how to register with a GP.

  • Children on Trial

    Children on Trial

    This effective drama-documentary was sponsored by the Home Office as a study of the growing problem of juvenile delinquency.

  • Mr. Marsh Comes to School

    Mr. Marsh Comes to School

    Careers advice for schoolchildren is delivered with imagination and wit by director John Krish in this very effective sponsored documentary.

  • Defeat Tuberculosis

    Defeat Tuberculosis

    This public information film sponsored by the Ministry of Health was a part of offical efforts to prevent and contain the spread of a killer disease.

  • Festival in London

    Festival in London

    This film documents the Festival of Britain, held in 1951 to mark the centenary of the Great Exhibition.


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