Lukas Moodysson

Lukas Moodysson

Together; Lilya 4-Ever
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4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days Cristian Mungiu
Boot, Das 1984 Wolfgang Petersen
Fanny and Alexander 1984 Ingmar Bergman
Hotel Du Nord 1938 Marcel Carné
Killing of a Chinese Bookie, The 1976 John Cassavetes
Last Picture Show, The 1971 Peter Bogdanovich
Man on the Roof, The 1976 Bo Widerberg
Margot at the Wedding 2007 Noah Baumbach
Mirror 1974 Andrei Tarkovsky
Swedish Love Story, A 1970 Roy Andersson


My list is based on personal preferences rather than historical significance. I imagined myself being allowed to watch only ten films for the rest of my life. Or actually, to be completely honest, in such a scenario I would probably switch one or two of the films on the list and get some stupid comedies instead – it's just that I can't decide on which one(s). Or even better (if they counted as films), I would pick some TV series (first of all: Friends).