Fran Gayo

Fran Gayo

Programmer, Animated BAFICI
Voted in the critics poll

Voted for:

How Green Was My Valley 1941 John Ford
Humanity and paper balloons 1937 Yamanaka Sadao
Mirror 1974 Andrei Tarkovsky
Mother and Son 1997 Aleksandr Sokurov
Ordet 1955 Carl Theodor Dreyer
Performance 1970 Donald Cammell/Nicolas Roeg
River, The 1951 Jean Renoir
Sweet Movie 1973 Dusan Makavejev
Tree of Life, The 2010 Terrence Malick
Vertigo 1958 Alfred Hitchcock


I’m neither a film critic nor a film historian, so for me the only way to set up a poll like this is to accept it’ll be made from a subjective, whimsical, impure and definitely intimate point of view, because each and every one of these adjectives are also applicable to my relationship with cinema as a curator and as a cinemagoer.