Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek

Philosopher and cultural critic
Voted in the critics poll

Voted for:

3.10 to Yuma 1957 Delmer Daves
Dune 1984 David Lynch
Fountainhead 1948 King Vidor
Great Sacrifice, The 1944 Veit Harlan
Hero 2002 Zhang Yimou
Hitman 2007 Xavier Gens
Nightmare Alley 1947 Edmund Goulding
Noi Vivi 1942 Goffredo Alessandrini
On Dangerous Ground 1951 Nicholas Ray
Sound of Music, The 1965 Robert Wise


This time, I opted for pure madness: the list contains only ‘guilty pleasures’, from two screen versions of Ayn Rand to a top Nazi melodrama, from David Lynch’s greatest flop to height of musical kitsch, from a low-budget Hollywood action thriller to a Chinese big-budget historical spectacle, plus a half-forgotten Western and two marginal noirs. This is what I really enjoy – no compromises for high quality or good taste.