Joe Swanberg

Joe Swanberg

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Voted for:

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice 1969 Paul Mazursky
Crumb 1994 Terry Zwigoff
David Holzman's Diary 1968 Jim McBride
Dillinger Is Dead 1968 Marco Ferreri
Graduate, The 1967 Mike Nichols
Love in the Afternoon 1979 Eric Rohmer
Maman et la putain, La 1973 Jean Eustache
Nashville 1975 Robert Altman
Two Lovers 2008 James Gray
We Won't Grow Old Together 1972 Maurice Pialat


Of course I love Citizen Kane and The Godfather, and Hitchcock and Renoir, but these are the ten films I would take to a desert island. They’ve all made my life better, and continue to inspire me. I’ve limited myself to one film per director, or else Rohmer, Altman and Pialat would have more films on the list. I’m ashamed that there aren’t any women present, but Claire Denis and Catherine Breillat would be on there if I had a few more slots. I also left Stop Making Sense, Gimme Shelter and The Last Waltz off the list, but they’re among my all-time favourites.